Sounds & Colors Festival

Making Art Together

Yinon Muallem and Saman Alias met in Stockholm last year. They soon found a common musical and social language and decided to start and create music Together. They had a few musical meetings where they shared their different ideas and later based on their connection, they decided to start a new project named “2gether”. They started to perform in Sweden and abroad and they plan to record their debut album in the spring During their sessions and hours together they had many discussions of topics besides music. they spoke about the importance of friendship, tolerance, acceptance of the other, and control over the ego while making music together and with others. They also shared common feelings concerning political and social issues in their origin countries(Saman is from Kurdistan/Iraq and Yinon is an Israeli that lived many years in Turkey). Naturally, as immigrants in Sweden, they shared also their personal “journeys” while making an effort to integrate into a new society and a new culture. They also know, from many years of experience and from many musical collaborations, how much music is an important tool that helps to connect people from different backgrounds. Now the two are interested to take their artistic and social vision to a wider platform and create a festival that Reflects their beliefs as musicians and human beings: respect for others, tolerance towards other cultures, colors, religions, and equality to all. We offer a new festival with a wide variety of artists from a wide variety of cultures. Man and woman in four days of high-quality artistic performances and good atmosphere and spirit !

Sounds & Colors arranges the festival by culture association 2gether 


Mars 09/2024   Daniel Boyaciogllu - Rönnells Antikvariat  -Stockholm

April 20/2024  2gethe Feat. Pasi Pasanen - Musikaliska kvarteret 

Maj 04/2024 Derya Turkan -Älvsjökyrkan